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4x4 GLADIATOR. Promo.


4x4 GLADIATOR. Review.


4x4 GLADIATOR. Test.


Seat width, 15 cm
Seat depth, 30 cm
Backrest height, 50 cm
Aperture width, 80 cm
Weight, 100 kg
Width in working condition, 80 cm
Width when folded, 80 cm
Length in working condition, 168 cm
Height of chair, 50 cm
Maximum load capacity 250 kg


Max speed: 45km/h
High torque geared drivetrain.
Maximum mileage on a single charge: 50 km.

Rear pneumatic wheels
Wheels front pneumatic
Rear wheel diameter, cm 54
Diameter of front wheels, cm 54

Drive train

4 x 2000w BLDC motors:
> DC air cooled.
> High durability planetary geared system.
> Fully splined gear interfaces.
> Sealed bearings.


4 active electromagnetic brakes, one on each wheel.


Payload (incl. rider): 350kg
Dimensions (mm) 1680 x 1500 x 800


4 hydraulic independent shock absorbers, one per wheel.

User controls

Control by means of a multi-position joystick.
Can be controlled from a cell phone via a mobile app. Possibility of remote control. Light and buzzer control.


10amp alloy fast charger.
charger on board.
Possibility to install a very fast 60V 20A charger, which will allow a full charge in 100 minutes.

Power Supply

Match the capacity to your needs: 2.4kWh in stock or 3.4kWh.
Dual safety system – active and passive safety:
Active Safety:
> Battery management system (BMS).
> Real time performance and safety monitoring.
Passive Safety:
> IP66 rated sealed alloy enclosure.
> Vented enclosure with venting pathways.
> 40 Ah high safety lifepo4  cells.
Designed for disassembly at end of life.


LED headlight:
> High quality lensed LED emitters.
> High beam – 2100lm, Low beam – 1200lm.
> Peripheral park lights.
Compact and lightweight.
Environmentally sealed.
Designed for disassembly at end of life.
LED rear, brake, and number plate lights.


Mobile management system:
> Integrates all electronic and electrical functions of the vehicle.
> Provides control and updates with Bluetooth 5.0.
Vented waterproof enclosure with sealed automotive connectors.


4x4 GLADIATOR production.