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Wheelchair off-road for all types of roads. A great option for walks in nature, in the woods, on the beach

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Find out what our 4x4 Cruiser Wheelchairs can do    

  • motorcycle



    4 x 350W 24V Motors

    > Brushless DC air cooled.
    > High durability planetary geared system.
    > Fully splined gear interfaces.
    > Sealed bearings.
    > Active heat management.
    > Active venting for residual moisture.Brushless DC air cooled.
    > High durability planetary geared system.
    > Fully splined gear interfaces.
    > Sealed bearings.
    > Active heat management.
    > Active venting for residual moisture.

    These electric motors provide the maximum torque needed to tackle difficult off-road terrain.

  • Wheels


    Wide wheel 19-7*8

    > Specific ground pressure - 0.8 kg/cm²
    > 2 layers of cord

    Designed specifically for the most difficult types of soil, durability is ensured by powder coating and anti-corrosion coating.

  • account_balance



    Automatically maintains the chair in a horizontal position

    > Built-in gyroscope
    > Built-in accelerometer
    > Tilt angle up to 30 degrees

    Our wheelchair has a gyroscope and accelerometer that calculate the angle of the chair in real time. The electric actuator tilts the seat forward or backward, thereby keeping the chair horizontal regardless of the terrain.

  • Suspension


    Independent all-wheel suspension

    > 4 oil shock absorbers
    > 8 grease blocks

    Each wheel has its own shock absorber and two joints, thereby obtaining an independent suspension of all wheels, which allows for maximum comfort in off-road conditions

  • Charger


    Onboard charger

    > Charging capacity - 300W
    > Charging current 12A
    > Charging voltage 24V
    > Full charging time - 4 hours

    There is a built-in lifepo4 charger on board. It will charge from the electric network 110/220V within 4 hours. It is possible to install a powerful charger with a charging current up to 75A. Thus, it will be possible to charge to 100% in 40-50 minutes.

  • Lifepo4


    Lifepo4 battery

    > Lifepo4 chemistry type
    > Rated voltage 24V
    > Capacity 1.2KWh
    > More than 2000 cycles
    > 50km range
    > Maximum discharge current 200A
    > Maximum charging current 50A
    > Absolutely no memory effect
    > Operable from -20℃ to +60℃
    > Low self-discharge
    > Built-in BMS protection circuit board
    > Built-in passive balancers

    Lightweight, compact and durable 24V 50Ah LiFePO4 iron-phosphate battery. Assembled from eight 3.2V 50Ah cells connected in series. For stable, reliable and durable battery is installed symmetrical BMS board, which protects the battery from overcharging and overdischarging, provides cell balancing. The battery is equipped with a protective textolite casing in heat shrink, which provides protection against dust and moisture (IP44). The battery is non-flammable and contains no toxic substances. The battery withstands 2,000 charge/discharge cycles up to a 20% capacity loss in harsh operation, and up to 8,000 cycles in gentle mode.

  • airline_seat_recline_extra



    Comfort seat

    > Three-point automatic seatbelt
    > Adjustable head restraints
    > adjustable arm rests

    Wide cushion and backrest, torsion mechanism of the seat, which give the opportunity to unfold the seat to the horizontal position for a good rest.

  • Lighting


    LED optics

    Dual LED headlights at the front, LED taillights at the rear. Remote control.

    12V on-board system.

  • Joystick


    Electronic remote control

    > Motion control
    > Battery charge and discharge control
    > Light control
    > Buzzer control
    > Connector for power cable
    > 12V smartphone power supply

    Completely unique control and power system developed by us.

  • Mobile


    Control via mobile app

    > Remote control
    > Bluetooth 5.0
    > Signal range up to 100m
    > GPS sensor

    Ability to control the stroller through a mobile app via Bluetooth. Easy control for the attendant. Possibility to park the stroller remotely.

4x4 Cruiser Wheelchair. Model 1. In Forest
4x4 Cruiser Wheelchair. Model 1. In Forest. Part 2
4x4 Cruiser Wheelchairs. Full review.
4x4 Cruiser Wheelchair. Model 1. Mud test.

Seat width, 46 cm
Seat depth, 48 cm
Backrest height, 63 cm
Aperture width, 73 cm
Weight, 85 kg
Width in working condition, 73 cm
Width when folded, 73 cm
Length in working condition, 105 cm
Height of chair, 120 cm
Maximum load capacity 150 kg


Max speed: 8km/h
High torque geared drivetrain.
Maximum mileage on a single charge: 50 km.

Rear pneumatic wheels
Wheels front pneumatic
Rear wheel diameter, cm 40
Diameter of front wheels, cm 40

Drive train

4 x 350w DC motors:
> DC air cooled.
> High durability planetary geared system.
> Fully splined gear interfaces.
> Sealed bearings.


4 active electromagnetic brakes, one on each wheel.


Payload (incl. rider): 235kg
Dimensions (mm) 1050 x 1200 x 730


4 hydraulic independent shock absorbers, one per wheel.

User controls

Control by means of a multi-position joystick.
Can be controlled from a cell phone via a mobile app. Possibility of remote control. Light and buzzer control.


12amp alloy fast charger.
charger on board.
Possibility to install a very fast 24V 75A charger, which will allow a full charge in 40 minutes.

Power Supply

Match the capacity to your needs: 1.2kWh in stock or 2.2kWh.
Dual safety system – active and passive safety:
Active Safety:
> Battery management system (BMS).
> Real time performance and safety monitoring.
Passive Safety:
> IP66 rated sealed alloy enclosure.
> Vented enclosure with venting pathways.
> 50 Ah high safety lifepo4  cells.
Designed for disassembly at end of life.


LED headlight:
> High quality lensed LED emitters.
> High beam – 2100lm, Low beam – 1200lm.
> Peripheral park lights.
Compact and lightweight.
Environmentally sealed.
Designed for disassembly at end of life.
LED rear, brake, and number plate lights.


Mobile management system:
> Integrates all electronic and electrical functions of the vehicle.
> Provides control and updates with Bluetooth 5.0.
Vented waterproof enclosure with sealed automotive connectors.


> Overcoming obstacles.
> Gyroscope for overcoming large obstacles.
> Overcoming gradients.
> 360° swivel function.
> 58cm turning radius.> Unique stability.> Up to 15° lateral stability angle.
> Constant all-wheel drive
> adjustable armrests and backrest
> The joystick, the control system for your mounted equipment.
> All-terrain stability (-30° to +40°)
> Heavy-duty 3-point seat belts
> 12V and 5V power supply


4x4 OffRoad Wheelchairs production.